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Dear Loved Ones,

The King is coming back soon! Are you ready for Him ? Is your heart set on pleasing Him? Hopefully we get one more chance at a worldwide revival before the trumpet sounds but as for now continue to occupy "until My return".

Joel Chapter 2 says "fear not O land and be glad and rejoice". It goes on to say pastures are opening up and the tree and the vine bears their fruit. Count on it He said! Have you been thru years of drought? There's good news because the threshing floors will be full of wheat and vats will overflow with new wine and oil. That means new life is coming back to you and it will be full of prosperity to those who have been faithful in the lien times. Faithful in what way? Faithful in serving and giving to the Lord.

Verse 25 goes on to say " I'll restore to you the years you lost. Some of the most beautiful words in the bible. You know what you've lost and God says He will give you back that joy and peace. He speaks softly in the "still small voice of reassurance" and is faithful to His word that says "all will be well" and " My timing is perfect". Wait for it with faith and patience and endurance not throwing away your confidence for it shall be richly rewarded.

For now, we're all on mission! Mission to keep 91.5 Kingdom FM broadcasting the teaching programs that nobody in SWFL does.

Joel goes on to say "in the last days" I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh! Let's give to Him like He first gave to us on the cross and we'll know our hearts will be ready on that Last Day.

Art Ramos Pres/CEO

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