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July 2017

Dear Loving Friends,

Thank you to all who gave at Summer Sharathon last week, what a blessing to know how many care and understand that we together have to keep this "living water" flowing in these last days. Thank you to all who give regularly and truly understand that collectively is how this ministry is sustained. Paying it forward for others. That's what our fore fathers did and that's why we get to live in such a great country.

The 4th of July signifies our freedom to do just what we do "Preach the Gospel" and when 2 agree on anything on earth and walk in one accord with God He makes it happen. That's you and me agreeing that the Word of God must be spoken on the airwaves daily and together we're gonna make sure that continues on!

To get freedom you have to fight the good fight as so many did for us. Giving is freedom from greed, forgiveness is freedom from bitterness, faith is freedom from fear, walking through it is freedom from watching it all go by and missing it, being still is freedom from worrying about it, praying for our country is freedom from complaining about it, choosing to rejoice is freedom from despair, worshipping is freedom from emptiness and continuing to hope is freedom from the lie that it's not going to happen for you.Now more than ever the world needs to hear the word being spoken. Give to what you believe in with freedom!

With Sincere Love, Art Ramos Pres/CEO

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