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August 2018

Dear Loved Ones,
If you are here in SWFL now you must love the heat...but the flip side is.... it's easy to get around town peacefully too!

The Lord is on the move ...things are happening... our nation, despite opposition, is fighting the good fight to return to our core faith filled values as the best country in the world. Always be thankful you live here and pass it on. Can anyone say "American Embassy in Jerusalem!"

Faith without works is dead it says so keep giving love away everyday and see how it comes back to you! Speaking of 'giving love away" and doing something about it... I have an announcement to make......we're doing our part.

....Kingdom FM will be showing the original 'God's Not Dead" movie on Wednesday August 22 @7pm! We have made deal with Mercato Silverspot movie theatre in Naples to air the highly successful feature film in their biggest theatre. The movie showing will be "free" so if you have not seen the original 2014 movie "God's Not Dead" please come and this is a great time to share your faith by bring someone who doesn't know the truth..the movie will do it for you. This is the best movie theatre in America with all leather seats and covered parking so come early to get a seat. Stay tuned to 91.5 Kingdom FM as we will be promoting the event and look for the rotating page on the website. No offering will be taken and no tickets required but pray that lives will be changed's little reminder card for you.....
Let's keep the good news going out over the airwaves too!

Very Sincerely,
Art Ramos Pres/CEO

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