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Late December 2018

Dear Loved Ones,

As we reflect back on this past year let us do so knowing that no matter what...goodness and mercy have followed us all the way. We would like to thank all of you who have done more than just consume the radio teaching programs but have given financial support and 'paid it forward' to keep those teachings on the airwaves.

As you know we are not part of any university or college or large church or major broadcasting entity that would underwrite an operation like this ... but rather a locally owned and operated listener supported, budget minded, thriving local ministry committed to one thing...."changing our community from the inside out".

Having this distinction and broadcasting in our 15th year enables us to make decisions to best help our community first ...then going out into the whole world. Kingdom FM is unique in this way....all ministry decisions are made here in SWFL and the buck stops here.. allowing us the privilege to help as many as possible local low budget para-church ministries succeed in their endeavors in our community by giving them free promotional airtime.

Kingdom FM also financially helps support several local and international ministries. The wonderful thing about giving to Kingdom FM ....especially this time of year is you can know for sure without fail....we give also...and we know exactly where the support goes.....I personally know and have worked side by side with several ministries locally doing the work of the ministry and actually going and helping with the work to places like the Dominican Republic and Cuba just to name a's all worth it I can assure you.

Many of you attended our 'faith films' community outreach summer movies series of four movies which we aired one a month in Naples at the luxurious movie theatre Silverspot at Mercato in Naples.....all the movies were FREE and every movie was a packed was amazing what the Lord did...changing hearts right there in the movie beautiful to see and all for free as an opportunity to bring someone and watch the Lord change their heart.

Loved Ones, donations are critical to us... your year end gift of support for this local non profit ministry is vital ...... all year end gifts are tax deductable and have eternal value to the recipients and you. We have several large music royalty and insurance invoices come due in January.....invoices we have to pay....bills never seen by the public but are required payment to be on the air.....won't you help us continue and do even more in 2019?

Finish strong by giving to us.....Kingdom FM.... one of the best managed local ministries in SWFL that crosses all denominational lines and believes that with Jesus......all things are possible. Please give your best year end gift now ....and enjoy the peace that comes along with helping a local ministry continue. With sincere appreciation and grace...thank you in advance.

Wishing you for a prosperous new year with purpose,
Art Ramos Pres,CEO

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