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September 2019

Dear Eternal Loving Friends

Rejoice and again I say rejoice! I have great news....... we have reached the goal of the financial need to finally buy all the upgraded computer equipment we need to carry on this wonderful mission called Kingdom FM! Yes's true......we have paid the money and ordered all the products we need and we are now in the process of assembly and them ship and install.

The Lord is good....He always gets it done.....and He used you to do thank you to everyone who gave to this cause and to those who came on strong at the end to finish it! Besides that we were able to deliver on the promise that we made to First Assembly of Immokalee and Pastor Arnie Coones $1000 to buy backpacks for underprivileged's all good when Jesus is in the center of it.

Friends, never give up on your dream or need even when it looks doubtful. The Lord always has a plan and if you have faith a as mustard seed it says......He can work with you and see you through. Faith is not believing He's knowing He will! When you have a heart to serve others and can believe for the impossible to happen...The Lord takes notice......and no good thing will He withhold from him who walks uprightly.

Let's walk out this life together with a heart of thanksgiving finishing strong and keeping Kingdom FM on the air!

With Sincere Appreciation,
Art Ramos Pres/CEO

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