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November 2019

Dear Loved Ones

Every word of God is pure....He is a shield to those who put their trust in Him. As we look forward.... for 16yrs Kingdom FM continues to be a 'light on a hill' pointing anyone and everyone to "come taste and see that the Lord is good".

Our community is a better place because of God's word being broadcasted out every day. As our nation continues to be divided let us continue to be united Jesus....and pray and ask the Lord to please heal our land and that all of us can be effective in these last days. Keeping the word on the airwaves is vital because it inspires, is profitable for doctrine, reproofs, corrects, and instructs in righteousness that you may be thoroughly equipped for every good work. We need your support now for this locally owned and operated listener supported radio ministry.

Proverbs 27:18 says ..he who keeps the fig tree will eat of its fruit and he who waits on His master will be honored. This is a promise for all of us.... if we together keep what is important to our Lord in the forefront.... blessings will surely flow back to us.

All the equipment that we bought this year together is in full use...thank you for your help with that and also we did not get hit by lightning not even once this year! We sincerely need your financial help to continue now in the's been a long dry Summer...all backup funds have been completely depleted just to keep going. Please help us to continue......please...lets depend on each other and trust our Lord for the rest!

With Sincere Loving Kindness,
Art Ramos Pres/CEO

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